TRS will launch agitation for railway coach factory, Chief Whip D Vinay Bhaskar


The Central Government has failed to keep up its promises such as the railway coach factory in Kazipet.

Chief Whip and MLA D Vinay Bhaskar, MP P Dayakar and former MP A Sitaram Naik said the centre failed to deliver its bifurcation promises like steel plant at Bayyaram, tribal University at Mulugu. The TRS party plans to take up a series of agitations to pressurize the BJP government at centre.

The TRS leaders challenged the local BJP leaders to secure the promises made to Warangal district from their party high command.  Mr Vinay Bhaskar accused the state government of discriminating against Telangana state. To highlight the pending issues and promises, the TRS party will stage protests and expose the BJP government.

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