TRS to support Ms Margaret Alva in the vice presidential election.

The ruling TRS party has decided to support veteran politician Ms Margaret Alva in the vice presidential election. The chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao has taken a decision on the issue.

Ms Alva thanked Mr KCR for his support. She went to the residence of TRS MP K Keshava Rao and conveyed her thanks to Mr KCR. Mr Keshava Rao said all the 16 MPs of his party would extend their support as directed Mr KCR.

He introduced the party MPs who were present there. They include – Nama Nageswar Rao, K R Suresh Reddy, Deekonda Damodar Rao, B B Patil, Joginipally Santosh Kumar, B Lingaiah Yadav, V Ravi Chandra, and P Ramulu to Ms Alva.

Mr Rao said they were seeing Ms Alva as a Congress leader and she is no more attached to that party.

Speaking to newsmen, Mr Keshava Rao said they have been opposing the BJP government for a long time as it diluted the democracy and turned the federal spirit into a farce.

The unmindful policies of Mr Modi’s government resulted in a chaotic economy and increased inflation. Mr Modi’s decisions only burdened the people of the country.

Mr Keshava Rao further said many states in the country were aspiring to replicate the Telangana state where very sound development and welfare programmes are being implemented. The chief minister Mr KCR now stands as a ray of hope to the country with his visionary outlook.

The grand independence day celebrations planned by the Telangana government commemorating the 75 years of Indian independence were not a competition to any government in the country but aimed at inculcating the spirit of the freedom movement among the citizens.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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