TRS ahead in campaign in Huzurabad Constituency

HYDERABAD: With just 20 days to go for polls in the Huzurabad Assembly by-election, the ruling TRS party is much ahead of its rivals BJP and Congress parties.

Mr Harish Rao and several other TRS leaders are touring several villages on the same day unlike other parties. One could observe good crowds at TRS meetings as the leaders were very lucid in their speech and putting logic before the people why they were seeking votes. Such logic is visibly absent in the BJP quarters.

The ruling TRS party is able to come out with figures such as how many benefitted from what welfare schemes launched by the government over the last seven years in Huzurabad constituency. According to them, the rythu bandhu benefits over 62,000 farmers, free power over 33,000 farmers, aasra pension more than 37,000 people, dalit bandhu over 16,000 beneficiaries. In all, they claim that more 1.52 lakh people in Huzurabad were benefitting from the four welfare schemes. Hence they have every moral right to seek to vote again. “The BJP did not give anything to people but only increased prices of gas and fuel. Why should people vote for BJP?,” the TRS leaders sought to know.

Meanwhile, Congress is yet to begin its election campaign.

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