TeNa Boston Chapter hosts Kadiyam Srihari

Telanganan NRI Association (TeNA) Boston chapter hosted a meeting with Sri Kadiyam Srihari, Ex- Minister and TRS Politburo member at historic Lexington Depot Hall in Lexington, Massachusetts on 20 th July 2013.

Kadiyam Srihari spoke about the various aspects of current political situation in Telangana and assured that Telangana state formation is not too far. He thought that there are very good chances of achieving our dream of Telangana state before 2014 elections. Kadiyam Srihari said it was a tough decision for him to leave TDP party which gave him the political birth and with which he had 25 years of association. But at the end he had to decide whether he wanted to be loyal to his political mother, TDP or Telangana land, which is his mother land and answer was simple that he chose to be the loyal son of this soil and decided to quit TDP and join TRS party whose single agenda is achieving Telangana state. During the rich discussions with the audience, he clarified many questions and doubts about Telangana movement and TRS party. He said that TRS party if currently focusing on building the party at the grass roots levels so that we can contest all the seats on its own and emerge as a strong political force. Kadiyam Srihari, while appreciating the efforts of TeNA for Telangana movement, he said the activities and support the Telangana NRIs are providing motivates them and gives them encouragement to continue their fight on the ground.

Earlier, meeting started with opening remarks by Amar Karmilla, Vice President of TeNA. Then Venkat Maroju, President of TeNA gave a brief introduction of Kadiyam Srihari garu. Venkat said that coming from very humble beginnings, Kadiyam Srihari garu has climbed the ladders of power and served the state for 10 long years as a minister with important portfolios such as Education and Major Irrigation. He was also elected as MLA for 3 times. Kadiyam Srihari is a great example of the true power and spirit of Indian democracy which is doing its job of empowering the downtrodden and marginalized, very silently in spite of many challenges. Venkat also thanked Kadiyam Srihari for joining TRS party and participating in Telangana movement more directly.

TeNA Boston core team members who spoke in the meeting included, Paparao Gundavarm, Rajender Kalavala, Venkat Reddy Muddasani, Srinivas Meneni, and Arvind Thakkalapalli.

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