Telangana’s first ‘birthday’ celebrated with fanfare across U.S., Canada

The first anniversary of Telangana was celebrated across the United States and Canada by various chapters of the Telangana Development Forum (TDF) USA, an organisation that united the non-resident Telangana people and enabled them to voice their feelings during the Telangana agitation.

The festivities included songs and dances highlighting the Telangana culture. The celebrations at the Detroit chapter saw senior citizens like Raghava Gaddam, Sathyapal Reddy Jala, Sudheer Gangasani and Venkat Reddy urging the young generation to work for the development of Telangana. TDF president Visheweshwar Kaluvala, who was the chief guest at the Pittsburgh Chapter celebrations, called upon the Telangana NRIs to provide direction and leadership needed for development ‘back home’. He listed many prestigious programmes such as ‘Mission Telangana’ that TDF was part of.

Lauding the new industrial policy, he said that the government sent a positive note to make Telangana a dream destination for businesses.

In Toronto (Cananda), over 100 people gathered at the Greater Toronto Area Parque Banquet Convention Centre and vowed to take part in the development of Telangana. A discussion was held wherein many speakers, some of them entrepreneurs, pledged job assistance to qualified youth in Telangana.

Source: The Hindu

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