Telangana state tops in India Innovation Index by Niti Aayog

The startups in Telangana rose to 9,000 from 4,000 and it ranked number one in its targets and number two in the country in the innovations index.

Delighted IT & Industries minister Mr K T Rama Rao thanked the visionary chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao said the 3Is manthra (Innovation, Infrastructure, and Inclusiveness) helped achieved excellent results for Telangana state. It is happy to note that the state secured a top place among the bigger states in the rankings given by Niti Ayog performing excellently.

The Hi-Tech exports rose to 86 percent from Telangana.

The Telangana state topped on all indices – industry-friendly atmosphere (36.54); ease of business (55.99); strong clusters (28.81); provision of capital (40.19); micro economic organisations (98.45), Aadhar link with banks (88.82); production sector under GST (72.40) and internet connectivity in rural areas (98.49).

The Telangana state witnessed a growth rate of 32.97 in GST, one of the top five states in the country.

The state has expert technical employees of 9.17 lakh and software exports stand at 15.56.

The investment in human resources in the state score 26.96, the provision of computers in schools scored 35.34, and expenditure on schools scored 12.34 in Niti Ayog rankings.

On safety and security aspects scored 21.24 while under IT/IP related Act the state scored 94.48.

The Telangana state that formed eight years ago is going on aggressively in both the development and welfare sectors. The young and dynamic IT & Industries minister Mr K T Rama Rao has been working relentlessly to attract investments and ensure that Telangana ranks top in IT in the country.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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