Telangana seed testing laboratory is an asset to the country.

The Union agricultural secretary Mr Manoj Ahuja who came on a visit to the newly set up Telangana seed testing laboratory described it as an amazing facility. Accompanied by state agricultural secretary Mr Raghunandan Rao, he visited the lab at Rajendranagar. The officials appraised him about the methods adopted there to test seeds, facilities for employees, and equipment among others.


Later Mr Ahuja said it was an excellent facility. It will help produce quality seeds and enable farmers to reap a good harvest. The country at present needs more such labs and in his capacity as union secretary, he would strive to establish such labs across the country. He greeted the Telangana Seed Development Corporation MD Mr Keshavulu who received the prestigious M S Swaminathan award in recognition of his services.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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