Telangana offers quality health services in community hospitals.




The National Health Systems Resource Centre has certified that the community health centres set up by Telangana are offering the best health services.

In a study conducted by the centre, it was observed that the community health centres are following sanitation, quality in medical care, trained personnel, good clinical procedures, and tidy labour rooms.

The national centre issued quality certificates to 115 hospitals that included five district hospitals.

The State government has decided to spend Rs 11,000 crore this year for the health sector.

It may be noted that all the government hospitals across the state witnessed massive development both in terms of quality and infrastructure. Many are upgraded and modern equipment added. In the state capital Hyderabad, Basthi Dhawakhana (community health centres) were set up all over.

The initiatives by the state government led to increased institutional deliveries, a decrease in maternal and infant mortality rates.

The Central government agencies ranked the Telangana health services as best in the past as well.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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