Telangana is not for one community, CM KCR

The prolonged separate Telangana state did not aim at benefitting one single community but every community. All should benefit and hence welfare schemes are meant for all including the latest Dalit Bandhu.

With the proactive government at the helm of affairs, the fledgling Telangana surpassed the 23 district governments of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh on all fronts.

In an eloquent and spell bounding speech after the Panchanga Sravanam at Pragathi Bhavan on the eve Telugu New year, he went on to relate how the new government tackled the problems one by one and stood as a role model in the country.

“The Reserve Bank of India said last year the Telangana revenue is Rs 1,77,630 crore that is far beyond even the Gujarat state. The old state and big states such as Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, and Karnataka are far behind us. The list goes on endless,” Mr Chandrasekhar Rao said.

The chief minister reiterated that following the development, prevailing peace and order in Telangana, people from Mumbai and other states are buying villas here spending nothing less than rupees three crores. This has become a destination for all.

The chief minister Mr KCR said it is just on the development and welfare front that Telangana is showing the way to other states but even on the spiritual front. The latest example is the recently rededicated and renovated Yadadri temple that has become a centre of attraction to the country now.

The land values increased even in rural areas and an acre costs nothing less than 25 – 30 lakh even in remote areas and on adjacent roads it is worth crores now. “It was all possible due to our vision and hard work,” he said.

Mr Chandrasekhar Rao wished that the new Telugu year `Subhakruth’ brings more prosperity and happiness to the people and the state.

He felicitated the Veda pundits who took part in the grand function.

The party leaders who were present at the meeting were amazed at his extempore and memory which is his hallmark.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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