Telangana Govt to spend Rs 500 crore for Hyderabad old city development.


After many decades of negligence of the old city by successive governments, the ruling TRS government now has decided to take up development in the Old City of Hyderabad.

The municipal administration minister Mr KTR laid the foundation stone for many works today.
The famous Murgichowk market will get Rs 36 crore work for renovation, while Mir Alam Mandi will get a new facelift with Rs 21.90 crore.
The famous heritage building Sardar Mahal which was built in 1900 is in a dilapidated state. It was decided to take up restoration of the same spending Rs 30 crore
Major among other works is Bahadurpura flyover with two cause ways and three lanes. The flyover will be 690 metres and is expected to cost a total of Rs 108 crore.
Mr KTR will also be laying the foundation for the sewerage development works at Karwan  constituency with Rs 297 crore.
For many decades the Old City remained neglected by successive governments. Now the ruling TRS party took up special focus in the development of the Old City.
The MIM MLAs are very cooperative with the present TRS government.
Once completed, the very face of the Old City will change for the better and people can have better facilities.
MP Asaduddin Owaisi, MIM and TRS leaders are expected to take part in this mega development launch of works.
None could tame the MIM all these years but now the TRS is able to convince them and go with its development agenda to help the deprived poor.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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