Telangana government’s new residential schools giving private schools a run for their money!

Gone are the days when the very thought of enrolling children into government schools was a taboo. New residential schools launched under the Telangana Chief Minister’s ambitious KG2PG scheme are already giving private schools a run for their money.

The state government has established 240 new English Medium Residential Schools this academic year. These new schools have state of the art infrastructure. What’s more the government is providing free books, school uniform and also nutritious and tasty food for students of these schools.

Pic: Proposed design of a Telangana Government Residential School

The state government is allocating close to Rs. 1.20 lakh per child to provide comprehensive education in these residential schools. And by comprehensive, the government’s idea envisions the right kind of environment and nourishment that is crucial to children.

Pic: Government Residential School coming up at New Paloncha

A look at some of these new school buildings and the proposed infrastructure in these school campuses proves how serious Telangana government is about improving the education sector in the state.

Pic: State Government Residential School’s new campus for Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Robotics in Hyderabad City

Ushering in a radical change, the state government has begun implementing a suggestion offered by the National Institute of Nutrition. This includes a healthy breakfast comprising of Idli, Dosa, Mysore Bhajji and Pakodis on a rotational basis. Also present are protein rich food such as chicken and mutton every week. The presence of ghee in their everyday afternoon meal, along with noodles on Mondays, millet based items on Tuesdays and chapatis on Wednesdays is just an indicator of the government’s outlook towards child development.

Pic: Government Residential School at Narayan Khed

Photo: Government Residential School coming up at Madikonda


As news spread about these new Government Schools, thousands of parents across the state have removed their kids from private schools and enrolled them in these schools. Private schools in many towns of Telangana have already started feeling the heat, as scores of students started applying for TCs (Transfer Certificates).

As part of its efforts to build integrated school campuses, the government is earmarking up to 10 acres of land in each of its 119 Assembly Constituencies.  The initial response to the government residential schools proves that Chief Minister KCR’s  election promise of providing KG-to-PG free education for weaker sections has begun on a right note.


[Photos courtesy: Sri Praveen Kumar, IPS, Secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society]

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