Telangana Government to restart all defunct lift irrigation projects

State government’s decision to operate all defunct Lift Irrigation projects in Sangareddy district, would bring over 6,000 acres of ayacut under cultivation in Sangareddy district.

The Irrigation Department had spent over Rs 20 crore to operate the defunct Borancha Lift Irrigation project, which was inaugurated by Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao on Thursday. Under Borancha project, water would be lifted from the foreshore of Singur multi-purpose project to provide irrigation water to 2,900 acres across four villages.

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Meanwhile, the State government has also released an additional grant of Rs 7.19 crore to operate four more defunct lift irrigation projects in Manoor and Nagilgidda mandals under Narayankhed Assembly Constituency.

While the Karamundi and Shapur lift irrigation projects would provide water for 1,100 and 600 acres in Nagilgidda mandal. Palakurthy and Thornal projects will provide water to over 800 acres each in Manoor mandal.

All these projects were initiated by the Congress government way back in 2009, but were put on hold for various reasons. Harish Rao said Congress government neglected the lift irrigation projects across Telangana.

He said the TRS led government granted funds for operating Borancha lift irrigation project, and not just that an additional amount of Rs 7.19 crore was granted to operate four defunct lift irrigation projects along Manjira River in Sangareddy district.

He has vowed to start the remaining four lift irrigation projects within three to four months. Due to the negligence of the successive governments which ruled the State several lift irrigation projects went defunct across Telangana, the Minister said. The area under lift irrigation projects came down to 1.23 lakh acres from a total of 3.36 lakh acres, he added.

However, the Minister said Rs 70 crore had been granted to operate a number of defunct lift irrigation projects and 1.44 lakh acres had been brought under cultivation immediately.

The Minister also announced that water from Godavari would be brought to Singur project by completing the proposed Kaleshwaram project to increase the ayacut from existing 40,000 acres to 80,000 acres.

He assured farmers that Chief Minister’s promise of bringing one-lakh acres under cultivation would be fulfilled.

MP BB Patil, MLAs P Babumohan and M Bhupal Reddy, TRS district president Murali Yadav, and others were present.

Source: Telangana Today

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