Telangana gets a raw deal in disaster relief fund devolution from Centre

The BJP-led Central government once again discriminated against Telangana state by making the meagre allocation of the State Disaster Relief Fund.
The Central government has released Rs. 7,532 crore towards the SDRF. It gave Rs. 188.8 crore to Telangana state while Rs. 493.6 crore to neighbouring Andhra Pradesh state.

Eyeing the elections in certain states and where the state governments were in favour of BJP, more allocations were made. The Gujarat state got Rs. 584 crore, Maharashtra got Rs. 1420.8 crore, Bihar got Rs. 624.4 crore, Uttar Pradesh got Rs. 812 crore, and Uttarakhand received Rs 413.2 crore among others. The BJP leaders in the state and at the Centre claim to be liberally releasing funds for Telangana state. The figures prove their claims false.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao