Telangana celebrates Krishnaveni’s marriage

The entire Telangana movement leadership was at Mahabubnagar to bless Krishnaveni – the girl who made Telangana proud. For people who don’t know about Krishnaveni, here’s what she did:

Krishnaveni’s marriage was settled a couple of months back and her family was struggling to raise some money for the wedding. Taking advantage of the poor family, TDP leaders had offered huge amount of money in return for some votes during the recent bypolls. But Krishnaveni refused that help outright and said she would never take help from a party that has betrayed the people of Telangana and caused the deaths of scores of youngsters. Knowing about the commitment of Krishnaveni to Telangana cause, TRS supremo KCR had promised that he and his party would extend all the help necessary for her wedding. And keeping his owrd KCR has personally attended the wedding and blessed the couple.

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