‘Telangana a highly rated economic force’

The Government of Telangana has been rated ‘A’ category economic force by noted rating agency India Credit Rating Agency (ICRA).

The agency had rated undivided Andhra Pradesh as ‘A’ minus in the past but moved up Telangana from minus to plus in the same category.

A release said the categorisation as economic force depended on the repayment capability of governments of loans borrowed from national and international agencies. In a report, ICRA based its view on Telangana going by the economic status of several states in the country.

The report found Telangana in a sound position in terms of tax revenue.

The per capita income of the State was Rs. 95,361 while the national average was Rs. 74,380.

The State was poised for economic development by attracting investments due to its new industrial policy.

Source: The Hindu

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