Take back unused Telangana lands immediately

Andhra Pradesh state government has issued a notice a software giant Wipro for failing to start its operations in the land allotted to the firm in Visakhapatnam. The state government is planning to confiscate the building which is built by Wipro and also the allotted land shortly.

Mission Telangana welcomes this move and appeals to the state government to initiate similar action even in Telangana region. In the past two decades, thousands of acres of valuable government land was alienated to several individuals and firms in and around Hyderabad.

While many beneficiaries of this land allotments did not start any activity on the said lands, some of them sold these lands for a hefty profit, while others are using the said land for other purposes. All these actions are against the rules under which land was allotted to these parties.

Several film personalities were allotted valuable lands in Jubilee Hills for setting up requisite infrastructure for film industry, but these people have either sold away these lands or constructed commercial complexes in those lands. Likewise, land allotted to some SEZs is being used only to construct apartments against the norms under which the land was allocated to them.

Mission Telangana appeals to the state government to immediately initiate action against all such violators and take back the lands allotted to them. We appeal to the  leaders of the Telangana statehood struggle to pressurize the state government towards the same.

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