Struggle for separate State should go on’: Justice B.Sudersha​n Reddy

Despite an announcement, denial of separate State constitutes a fraud, says ex-judge of Supreme Court

“To accept the argument that proper constitutional governance is possible, with respect to people of Telangana within the integrated State of Andhra Pradesh will be a betrayal of the people of Telangana and also a suspension of all foundations of reasoned thought and action,” said former judge of Supreme Court B. Sudershan Reddy.

Memorial lecture

He was delivering the Tenth Annual Professor B. Janardhan Rao Memorial Lecture at Kakatiya University here on Monday on ‘Statehood of Telangana: Some Constitutional Dimensions.’ The lecture was organised Prof. B.Janardhan Rao Memorial Foundation.

Justice Reddy said the struggle for separate State should go on.

“To stutter in our struggle for Telangana would be an act of moral abandonment of our brothers and sisters. Separate Telangana demand was because of the consistent political and constitutional neglect by successive governments at the State and the national level,” he pointed out.

Despite the official announcement on December 9, 2009, the denial of formation of Telangana constitutes a fraud on the face of Constitution.

He reminded that Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had categorically issued the statement on behalf of the Government of India.

The second statement of the Home Minster in the first week of January, 2010 clearly underscored the fact that the Government of India had arrived at the decision to carve out Telangana based on historical injustice and prevailing conditions, Justice Sudershan Reddy said.

University Vice-Chancellor B. Venkat Rathnam presiding over the lecture programme said late Prof. B. Janardhan Rao fought for the rights of down trodden, especially Adivasis.

The Endowment Trust donated Rs. 60,000 to Vaishali pursuing medicine course. University Registrar K. Sayulu, Professors — Revathi, K. Sitarama Rao, D.S.Reddy, B. Papa Rao, and Buchi Babu — were among those present. [The Hindu]

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