State High Court Jhalak to SKC

Page 423 of Justice Srikrishna Committee contains a small note which exposes the dubious character of this committee. The Chapeter 8, titled Law & Order and internal security dimensions explains about a secret note prepared by VK Duggal and handed over to the Union Home Minister directly. It is widely believed that it is this note which is highly influencing the decision of central govt. on Telangana.

Apparently Vindo Duggal, the member secretary of SKC had a private meeting with 17 SPs and officials in Andhra Pradesh and prepared this note. What is surprising is that while SKC had 5 members, only Duggal conducted these ‘private’ meetings. Another astonishing part of this exercise is that only officials from 17 districts are considered. Why not all officials from all 23 districts are considered is the big question.

Prof. Madabhushi Sridhar already wrote a very critical article on this infamous Chapter 8 . Last week noted Telangana personality and Ex MP of Nizamabad, Sri Narayana Reddy filed a petition in state High Court seeking court intervention in making this ‘sealed cover note’ public.

The state high court had directed the attorney general of India Sri Vahanavati to be present during the nest hearing of this case. Yesterday, the court has asked the central govt to submit the ‘sealed cover note’ to the high court.

There is hope now that this so called secret note will be made public and expose the real agenda behind it.

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