Singareni says Jai Telangana

For the first time in the history of Singareni Colleries, a union representing the Telangana aspirations has emerged victorious.

The Telangana Boggu Gani Karmika Sangham has garnered 23,311 votes and became the recognized trade union in Singareni. Of the 11 seats, TBGKS has captured 5 seats. AITUC, INTUC and HMS have won in 2 seats each. This win is a historic one and echoes how the statehood demand finds unanimous support across the Telangana society.

Both INTUC and AITUC are national level trade unions with several decades of history. While INTUC is affiliated to Congress party, AITUC is the trade union of Communist Party of India. On the other hand Telangana Boggu Gani Karmika Sangham took birth recently. Within a short span of time it has become a force to reckon in the Coal Belt area. TBGKS has played an important role during the Sakala Janula Samme. This union is affiliated to Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Several issues related to Singareni Collieries such as jobs to dependents, income tax, bonus were neglected by the current unions which are dominated by Seemandhrites. Even though the mines are located in the heart of Telangana, several plum jobs in the collieries are captured by Seemandhrites.

It should be rembered here that a trade union named Telangana Mazdoor Union won majority seats in the recently held APSRTC trade union elections too.

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