Shut Up Mr. Chidambaram!

Home Minister P. Chidambaram displayed the same insensitive and nonchalant attitude towards Telangana issue yet again, In fact his careless replies at today’s press meet reflect the Central Government’s complete misreading of the seriousness of Telangana statehood movement.

Speaking at a press meet today afternoon he said “The Central Government’s view will be made known after the consultation process is over. We have to bring everyone on board. There is a strong view of large number of people. We are yet to take a final decision,” he told a press conference in New Delhi.

But, it should be reminded here that the Secret 8th Chapter of Srikrishna Committee had clearly advised the Central Govt to pretend that it is holding ‘consultations’, but do nothing on the statehood issue.

The SKC secret report has clearly stated this:

“With the ruling party and also the main opposition party ( the TDP run by Chandra Babu) must be brought on the same page, the support mechanisms have a higher probability of becoming successful. The TDP must be advised not to participate in any further meetings that would be called by the Centre.

This could be an effective stumbling block for any meaningful dialogue on resolving the Telangana demand.”

And yet Chidambaram says they will call an ‘all-party meeting soon’

Can there be bigger deception than this?

Whom is Chidambaram trying to fool?

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