Should we compete with Pakistan and Afghanistan or America? KTR asks Youth.


During his scintillating address to young job aspirants at Sircilla on Tuesday, the IT minister Mr KTR asked them to focus on creating a company like Google or Facebook rather than worry about political hatred.

Mr KTR was addressing job aspirants undergoing free coaching being organized by the police department at Siricilla. He said in 1987, the GDP of both India and China was 47 billion dollars, not the GDP of China is 16 trillion dollars and India’s GDP is just three trillion dollars. What happened in these 25 years of time? he sought to know.
Mr KTR observed that when India is engaged in what our neighbour’s is wearing or other neighbour’s talking dividing people, China did not bother about these silly issues.

Mr KTR beseeching youth not to worry about political mudslinging in the state or country. He said it was routine for them and they will deal. But the youth should focus on creating companies like Google or Facebook. Many MNCs, particularly the IT companies, are headed by our people but why not create on our own? The youth should focus on this.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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