Shocking: Youth Congress leader accused of killing wife meets CM Revanth 

Telangana Youth Congress general secretary Vallabh Reddy, who is accused of killing his wife, met Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. The CM posing for a picture with the murder accused is sending the wrong message and putting the CM’s integrity in a spot. 

Vallabh Reddy is accused of violently attacking and killing his wife Lahari Reddy in July 2023. Shockingly, he tried to cover up the murder as a heart attack. Later, during investigation it was found that Vallabh Reddy was bluffing, and he was charged with IPC sections 302, for the murder offence, and 201, for disappearing evidence. 

The people are criticizing the CM for meeting a person involved in such a heinous crime. Many wonder if the accused will now walk free, given his association with the CM.