Shocking: SA protests took lives of 2000 babies

Photo: A baby undergoing treatment in a Vijayawada hospital during the Seemandhra strike

This shocking and heart-wrenching statistic proves the cruel nature of  the Seemandhra leadership. News reports are now revealing that senseless protests in Seemandhra region against the formation of Telangana have resulted in the death of almost 2000 babies in the state.

“The Telegraph” reporter GS Radhakrishna had interviewed leaders of Doctors’ associations in the state, who have confirmed these figures.

The deaths were caused due to shortage of power for 3 days during the Seemandhra electricity employees strike. Some of these deaths were also caused due to non-availability of medical staff in Seemandhra as even they were on strike.

During the Telangana protests, the movement leadership here had ensured that emergency services were not impacted.

On the contrary, the Seemandhra leadership deliberately targeted the electricity power generation and distribution systems, thereby leading to indefinite blackouts.

Non-availability of power for criticial life-support systems like incubators seems to have led to tragic loss of thousands of infants.

The apathy of Seemandhra leadership and the loss of so many babies would go down as one of the most shameful episodes in Indian history.

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