SERP employees awaiting salaries for two months

The Congress party’s promise of crediting salaries to all government employees on the 1st of every month seems to be far from reality. Employees of the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) are facing discontent as they have not received their salaries for the past two months.

Despite promises made by the Congress government, around 4,500 SERP employees in the state have not been paid for February and March, even though April has begun. This delay has caused significant financial strain for low-wage workers who rely on their salaries to meet their monthly expenses.

Under the previous BRS government, salaries were received punctually each month, but after the Congress came to power, payments have been inconsistent. Despite repeated inquiries, employees and union leaders are met with silence from their superiors, further exacerbating their frustration.

Blame-shifting between SERP officials and the finance department has only added to the confusion.