Revanth Reddy will face defeat in Kodangal and Kamareddy: KTR

Speaking in Huzurnagar, Devarakonda, and Maktal constituencies BRS Working President KTR said that TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy will be losing in Kodangal and Kamareddy in the coming elections.cTalking about the power crisis in Karnataka, KTR stated that the current was gone once Congress came to power. He asked the people if they wanted to suffer without electricity.

KTR stated that the Congress leaders were promising to bring Indiramma Rajyam to Telangana. He said that ‘Indiramma Rajyam’ means nothing but hunger, poverty, lathi charges on farmers standing in queues for fertilizers and seeds, power cuts, besides naxalism. He cautioned the people that the Congress party would bring back those dark days and urged people not to get carried away and to think wisely before casting their vote.

KTR rubbished the statement of TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy who said a three-hour power supply was sufficient for the farmers in Telangana to irrigate an acre of land if they could run a 10hp pump set. KTR ridiculed the Congress leaders for their lack of knowledge on farming and asked people if they wanted current or Congress.

Attacking the Congress party for its anti-farmer policies, KTR said that Revanth Reddy talks of providing a three-hour power supply to the farmers, Uttam Kumar Reddy calls Rythu Bandhu a program that is a waste of money and Batti Vikramarka says Dharani would be replaced with the patwari system. He ridiculed the Congress party leaders for their stand towards farmers.

The BRS Working President KTR stated that it was CM KCR who introduced progressive schemes like Kalyana Lakshmi, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bheema, and KCR Kits in Telangana. He also added that the BRS Govt was providing uninterrupted power supply and water to the citizens.

After December 3rd, new programs would be starting in Telangana, KTR said. He stated that a monthly honorarium of ₹3,000 per eligible woman under the Saubhagya Laxmi scheme, gas cylinder for Rs. 400, superfine rice supply to all ration card holders under Telangana Annapurna scheme, Life insurance cover of ₹5 lakhs to over 93 lakhs below poverty line (BPL) families on the lines of Rythu Bima being implemented to farmers.