Revanth Reddy is ‘Naya Deshmukh’: BRS leader Balka Suman

Senior leaders of the BRS party, including Balka Suman, have strongly criticized CM Revanth Reddy, accusing him of subjecting Dalits, BC Ministers, and Deputy Chief Minister to subservience. Speaking at Telangana Bhavan, Suman said that Revanth was behaving like ‘Naya Deshmukh’. The former MLA was referring to an incident that happened today in which Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, a Dalit leader, was made to sit on a stool while the CM and other ministers sat on chairs at the Yadadri temple.

According to Suman, Revanth Reddy is advocating a new tradition where participation in caste association meetings is deemed necessary for governance. Suman contends that today’s actions demonstrate the alignment of ‘Naya Deshmukh’ Revanth Reddy’s thinking with past Deshmukhs like Visnoor Ramachandra Reddy and Errapadu Pratap Reddy.

Suman urged SC and BC leaders within the Congress party to respond to this unfortunate incident and called upon the Congress high command to address the issue.