Read how Telangana govt is uplifting the weaver community in the state

Years ago, Telangana was infamous for weaver suicides and mass migrations. In search of better livelihood and opportunities, weavers migrating to cities such as Surat and Bhiwandi were the order of the day. Gone are those days now and Telangana scripted a remarkable turnaround after state formation. The Telangana government has made handlooms and textiles a priority sector and improved the lives of lakhs of weavers across the state.

Increased budgetary allocation, innovative programs and inclusive schemes have led to the revival of traditional weaving art and led to the betterment of the handloom sector. Various programmes were implemented for the welfare and livelihood of handloom weavers. In an unprecedented move, the state government started allocating a special budget of Rs. 1200 crores every year for the Handlooms and Textiles sector. 

Loan Waiver

Handlooms Loan Waiver Scheme was launched to prevent weavers from succumbing to debt-induced despair. From 2010, a total of 10,148 handloom workers were freed from loans amounting to Rs 28.97 crores. Looms were geotagged to identify the weavers who depended on the weaving profession. 

Chenetha Mithra

In a first in the country, nearly a 50% subsidy on yarn, dyes, and chemicals was provided under the Chenetha Mithra. Under this scheme, nearly Rs. 41.2 crore subsidy was directly deposited in the account of 20,500 weavers.  

Nethannaku Cheyutha

Under the Nethannaku Cheyutha scheme, the State government contributes 16% of the declared income against 8% contributed by the handloom weavers. And, the State government contributes 8% to the powerloom workers’ contribution of 8%. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lock-in period of three years under the scheme was relaxed. Based on the request from the handloom weavers, the scheme was relaunched with Rs. 90 Crore budget plan. A total of 32,328 handloom workers joined the scheme so far. 

Nethanna Bima

Akin to the Rythu Bima, the State government launched Nethanna Bima providing Rs. 5 lakh insurance coverage. Under this, 40,000 weavers under the age of 59 years were provided with insurance coverage. 

Bathukamma Sarees

Through work orders for Bathukamma Sarees and school uniforms, the BRS government is ensuring that the weavers have abundant opportunities in the state itself. 

Pension for weavers

Telangana is the only state tp provide pensions to the weavers. The eligible weavers receive a monthly pension of Rs. 2,016.


To preserve and pass on the art of handloom weaving to the future generations, an R&D division was set up under TSCO. The handloom art which was once popular and became extinct was integrated with contemporary approaches. This led to the revival of TSCO ‘Pitambari Pattu Saree’ ‘Armoor Pattu Saree’, ‘Siddipet Gollabhama Saree’ and others.

Other programs

Other Initiatives like loans with 25 paise interest, modernisation of looms, and Handloom Park in Gadwal were also introduced. Also, Incentives are being rolled out for the weaving community and training is offered with better facilities under the common workshed program. To encourage handloom weavers, awards are being conferred in the name of Sri Konda Laxman Bapuji and Minister KT Rama Rao is promoting handloom through a novel idea of ‘Handloom Monday’.

The programs undertaken by the Telangana government had garnered attention from states. Officials from Karnataka, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu who studied the scheme were full of praise for it. 

In addition, the State government will be announcing new welfare programmes for weavers on the National Handlooms Day 2023. New initiatives such as a comprehensive health insurance programme for the weavers under the auspices of Aarogyasri Trust, an increase in ex-gratia amount for TSCO members, and ‘Telangana Chenetha Maggam’ for upgrading the pit looms to frame looms will be launched. Also, foundation stones will be laid for Handlooms Handicrafts Museum at Shilparamam in Hyderabad, and a convention center in Uppal Bhagayat.

The dedicated efforts of the Telangana government to improve the plight of the weavers in the State are bearing fruit. The weavers, who previously had to leave their home state in search of employment, are now returning as opportunities are abundant in Telangana.