Ramesh Chindam’s Painting Exhibition at San Francisco

Cannery Gallery exhibits incredible art work by Artist Ramesh Chindam. The event “Untold Expressions” scheduled for Aug 01 through Aug 31, 2015 at Cannery Gallery, is the trend that creates waves in the art fraternity.

Ramesh‘s recent collection featured at the Gallery, the “Untold Expressions” emphasizes on hidden expressions of Human life. Life is all About Expressions But His paintings portray different kind of expressions that he values, that he deem important, and that has been incredibly influential throughout his life. “Untold Expressions” focus on sensitive but real feelings of every human that usually is not expressed at ease.

His work is inspired and energized by the reflections of the thought processes which are transformed into emotions but for some reason remain unexpressed. These paintings depict real texture and colors of human emotions filled with its own deep meaning.

Ramesh Chindams Paintings

This collection describes the best of someone’s untold thoughts and feelings which Ramesh has earnestly visualized to the best of the art form.

Ramesh Chindam hails from Garshkaurthy, Karimnagar District of Telangana. Incredibly, his visual sense of expression, extra skill of picturization , and thoughtful imagination has been an important tool of communication, which he expresses through paintings with sensible amount of brush strokes laid on Canvas.

His extra sense of captivity, understanding of different human expressions and emotions is truly reflected in his paintings. For Ramesh the meaning of Art is deep rooted in his life experiences. He writes “Art to me is an expression of a person. It is the physical manifestation of emotions. Art is a Process. It continually evolves with time and environment.

What we perceive as beautiful or consider as matter of significant importance, are usually captured and shared with others through our best expressions. May be the medium is music, literature, film or painting. Art is simply the expression of thoughts experienced through these media”. All of his collections parallel his thought processes and inspirations.

Ramesh’s paintings differ from one another in color and or technique. Experimenting with colors and different mediums, while keeping the integrity of the fundamental forms of Traditional Indian art alive, is the main objective of his work. According to him strong foundation in art begins with thoroughly understanding the value of all art forms, For his Art is not acquired but nurtured over a period of time.

Ramesh is constantly inspired by the Country of India where he has spent most of his life childhood and teenage years. This environment and art of culture transformed his hobby into his profession. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. He has practiced art since the last 10 years and has exhibited his art work across United States and India. Currently he is living in San Francisco working on his past themes, blending present themes to it. More information about his work can be found at and can be reached at

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