Rajya Sabha reverberates with Telangana issue

Rajya Sabha today saw a strong demand being made for creation of a separate Telangana state at the earliest to bring an end to the agony and humiliation of Telugu-speaking people and deliver justice to them.

Participating in a debate on a private members’ resolution on creation of a separate Telangana state, members from Congress, TDP, BJP and RJD said people of the region have been suffering for decades and were being discriminated.

“There is no clarity on Telangana issue even after sacrifices of many lives and 42 days of strike and streets reverberating with separate Telangana demands,” said Gundu Sudha Rani (TDP) participating in the debate.

The private members’resolution for creation of Telangana, was moved by BJP member Prakash Javadekar on May 4.

Sudha Rani said Telangana region has been neglected all along despite contributing significantly to the revenues of Andhra Pradesh and it is high time that the Government initiate steps for creation of a separate state.

“Kindly don’t delay in execution…Even the main opposition party is saying it will support,” she said.

Participating in the debate, Ananda Bhaskar Rapolu (Cong) said there was “pressure tactics to hold united Andhra Pradesh is leading to unbearable enmity” as people are being humiliated.

He said his party leadership including Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi has been giving a patient hearing to the demands and it is time that the sentiments and aspirations of the people should be fulfilled.

“The national leadership of Congress and my leader Sonia Gandhi is always generous…For 12 years our Congress President, Working Committee and leadership is giving audience to Telengana,” he said [PTI]

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