Railway land for weaker section housing: KCR

Many new and innovative decisions with regard to city improvement will be announced by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao at a meeting with Ministers, MPs, legislators and bureaucrats, scheduled to be held in the MCRHRD institution premises, on Thursday.

Mr. Rao announced this at a public meeting in Parsigutta held on Wednesday as part of the ‘Swachh Hyderabad’ campaign.

Mentioning the three-day tour undertaken by a team of legislators, MPs and officials in Delhi and Nagpur to study waste management, Mr. Rao told the gathering that 2,500 auto-trolleys will be pressed into service in the city within a month for door-to-door garbage collection.

He urged the residents to follow two-bin system to segregate recyclable and non-recyclable garbage which will then be shifted to trucks and transported directly to dumps. Blue bins on the streets will be a thing of the past, he assured. A system will be developed for clearance of construction rubble at a phone call.

Nala widening will require rehabilitation of the poor people living on them, and two-bedroom houses will be built for them, he said. “When I spoke of using University lands for building houses, there was a huge furore. We are, instead, holding talks with the Railways which has huge chunks of vacant land in this area. Even if we get 10 acres, we will have six-storeyed complexes built for poor people’s housing. If needed, we shall buy land at the cost of Rs.5 crore per acre,” Mr.Rao said.

Cautioning time and again that all these cannot be done overnight, the Chief Minister also made promises about improved water supply, separation of sewerage and water pipelines, widened roads, and vegetable market among others for Parsigutta residents.

A people’s committee for Bouddha Nagar basti was announced by him on the occasion. Later, Mr.Rao himself accepted pension and ration card applications, which created excitement among public who thronged around him with applications in hand.

Minister T.Padma Rao Goud and GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar were present at the meeting.

Source: The Hindu

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