Politics, Business, and Political Business..

By: Laxman Kastala

(The writer hails from Krishna District, and is currently residing in UK. Read his earlier article – The one and only KCR)

By positive definition, the politician is the one who is skilled in administration and works for the benefits or best interests of the people. The beauty of Indian Constitutional right is that every citizen of India can be a politician and contest in election (as long as they meet very basic eligibility criteria) to serve the interests of the people.

A businessman is someone who is engaged in business and works for his or his firm’s financial interests. But why do some people who have interests in financial matters enter politics? What happens when a businessman enters political stage?

Let me first clarify that, I am not against any businessmen entering politics. I would rather support it as it will be a big benefit for the people if the businessman brings his trade experience into politics. He can then make economically viable decisions which benefit the people in the longer term rather than making some politically correct schemes which benefit people only in short term. However my only worry is about the confusion they are creating by being politician and still having their main focus on their business interests. My only objection is on their business focused unilateral decisions which are ignoring the interests of common man. My only frustration is when the businessman in them is suppressing the politician in them.

There are many examples in the recent years based on the speeches of Political Businessmen in the parliament whether it is about NHAI (National highways Authorities of India) , Polavaram Irrigation Project of Andhra Pradesh, or Power Generations or FDI(Foreign Direct Investments) in retail industry. The Business Politicians interests are also clearly visible in the United Andhra Movement to suppress Telangana Movement.

Here are some of the leaders who are front runners in the United Andhra Movement. I am not questioning their ethics on executing a United Andhra Movement without involving even a single Telangana political Leader. That will be topics on its own. My focus is only on their Business interests..

Kavuri Sambasiva Rao the many time MP from Machilipatnam (Krishna Dist) and Eluru (WG Dist) started his career as a Businessman after completing his BE. Progressive Constructions setup by KS Rao in 1966 is engaged in construction of major Irrigation, Power projects and multi-storied urban housing complexes. He entered into politics in 1984 by which time he is an established businessman in Andhra Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. Between 1984 and now his business growth is 10 fold, but i couldn’t see the growth in the standards of lives of his constituents. Although he was a front runner of UA movement, his berth in the Central Cabinet which was his life dream has changed his views..Grrr..Ideal Business Politician…

Lagadapati Raja Gopal: The firebrand from Andhra Region who leaves no opportunity to bark against Telangana Movement. After completing his BE in Vijayawada, he entered his family business LANCO in early 1980s. In 20 years of active business years, he turned his business in to multi billion power house and entered into many business verticals including construction , infrastructure , power generation, Ferros etc. The Support he has taken from his father in law Parvathaneni Upendra (the then Central Miniter ) is an open secret. He only joined politics and became MP in 2004. In 10 years of his political service , you wouldn’t see any life changing development in the life of his constituents whereas some miracles happened in his business empire , an example being LANCO Hills in Hyderabad. Is he a Politician or a Businessman. I will leave to your imagination.

Rayapati Sanbasiva Rao: The another seasonal Business Politician more famous for his closeness to Gandhi family is indeed a successful Businessman being the chairman of Transtroy India limited which won Polvaram project tender for 4,717 crores and many other infrastructural projects in India. His is also chairman of Jaya Lakshmi group of Companies which is into Tobacco business. Formation of Telangana would definitely effect his Polavaram Project which is worth thousands of crores. So is he part of United Andhra Movement or should I say Pro-Polavaram project movement?

It takes reams of papers to expose the business interests of the Business Politicians who are executing an artificial Andhra movement which include TG Venkatesh who owns Rayalaseema Paper Mills and Rayalaseema Alkalis , Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy a big- time contractors in the name of KMC Constructions , Nama Nageswara Rao a richest politician and chairman of Madhucon Group of companies involved in irrigation projects, highways and granite units in Karnataka , Jagan Reddy whose owns Bharti group of companies and many more. It is not exaggeration to say the majority of richest Indian Politicians are from Andhra Pradesh.

If we had sincere Politicians who worked for the best interests of all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh, I wouldn’t have thought that the Telangana Movement would have started in the first place. Even after the recent Telangana movement started by KCR in 2001, if the Andhra Politicians would have put in efforts to understand and resolve the backwardness of Telangana Region we wouldn’t have been in a position we are now. They always represented their Business interests and not their people’s interest. If they are true politician i would suggest them to support in the peaceful division of the state and strive for the development of Andhra Region with their excellent business experience.

I would like to see my dream nation of Republic of India where Businessman works for the economical growth of the country and the Politicians work for improving standards of living of common man. Let them not mix their Business interests with Politics.

Jai Telangana … Jai Andhra …Jai Bharath…


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