Police department’s Eagles to combat rogue drones in Telangana

The Telangana Police’s innovative investment in eagle training has proven effective, as demonstrated by the recent interception of drones by the eagle squad.

Presenting three professionally trained eagles before top officials, including the Director General of Police, showcased the success of the initiative. This pioneering effort aims to enhance security during VVIP visits and public gatherings, positioning the Telangana Police at the forefront of drone threat mitigation.

Recognized as India’s first and the world’s second eagle squad, following the Netherlands, this unit is poised to address evolving security challenges. With two eagles trained for object surveillance and another equipped with a surveillance camera for high-resolution imaging, the squad demonstrates versatility and effectiveness.

Daily training sessions, each lasting an hour, have contributed to the eagle squad’s impressive success rate in intercepting rogue drones, ensuring readiness for real-world scenarios.