Police complaint against abusive online profiles

Photo: TDF – India president DP Reddy speaking to the media in front of CCS after complaining on abusive Facebook profiles.

Telangana activists have lodged a complaint with the Central Crime Station of Hyderabad Police, against a few Facebook profiles and Blogs that have abusive content on Telangana people, culture, statehood movement and leaders.

DP Reddy of Telangana Development Forum – India and K. Bal Reddy of Telangana Aatma Gourva Vedika met the CCS police officials today evening and lodged a formal complaint.

The complaint made special reference to the Facebook profile of Visalandhra Maha Sabha’s leader Sunkara Venkateshwar Rao.

Mr. Bal Reddy of Telangana Aatma Gourava Vedika informed the media that Mr. Sunkara’s Facebook profile contains objectionable comments on Telangana movement and its leadership. He said “it is a matter of shame that people who masquerade as gentlemen and espouse the cause of a united Andhra Pradesh, stoop to such levels and abuse fellow Telanganites. Their behavior proves the point that the so-called Samaikyandhra agitation is a just an Anti-Telangana agitation.”

DP Reddy, President of Telangana Development Forum – India warned that this is just the beginning and anyone abusing Telangana people or leadership on Social networks would not be spared. He advised youngsters not to spoil their careers by indulging in such useless activities.

The complaint also included a few more Facebook profiles (Like “Dhoma.SivaShankar” and “Telangana.Bidda.92”, which are not related to Visalandhra Maha Sabha), which also contain obscene and abusive content against Telangana people, culture, the statehood movement and also its leadership.

The CCS police informed that they would launch an investigation and people behind these Facebook profiles would be brought to book.

Let us all remember that online world does not give us unlimited freedom. And no one is anonymous online. The same rules and laws that apply in offline world, apply in online world too. So, the next time you try to use filthy language on your Facebook profile, think twice!

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