Our target is the 2024 Parliament elections, Mr KTR.

The TRS has a favorable atmosphere in both Maharashtra and Karnataka. In Karnataka, the BRS will have a political alliance with former chief minister Mr Kumara Swamy. Mr KCR is not after power or position. He wants to expose Modi’s government that failed to deliver its promises. Mr Modi promised housing to the poor but he is constructing a house for himself with Rs 435 crore. Mr KCR is aware of the tricks played by Mr Modi and would give him a fitting reply. The BJP misused constitutional agencies such ED, CBI and IT to tame those opposing their government. There were no raids on any BJP leader.
Mr KCR will put an end to such pressure tactics. The BRS party will strive for uplift of SCs and will make them entrepreneurs. He would also tell the people of the country the work he did on Telangana. Mr Modi presented a false picture of the Gujarath model and did nothing to the country. He would only tell Man Ki Baath but does not listen to Jan Ki Baath, Mr KTR pointed out. It was Mr KCR who showed it to the country that free power can be given to the farmers. Mission Bhagiratha helped eradicate the fluoride problem. He proved himself on many fronts and definitely gives good governance to the country.
The BJP miserably failed on all fronts, Mr KTR said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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