Opposition parties engaging in false campaign on Telangana irrigation projects

Hyderabad: The opposition parties are trying to throw mud on the rest of the barrages using the incident of one pillar collapsing in Medigadda barrage as a pretext. Even though the Central government has not given single paise, CM KCR built the Kaleshwaram project with the State’s funds and irrigating lakhs of acres. The construction of various barrages and pump houses which are part of the project have been handed over to companies like L&T, Apcon Construction, Megha and C5.

According to the agreement made with the government along with the construction of the barrages, the responsibility of their maintenance for five to 15 years also belongs to those companies. In this context, it is the duty of the respective organisations to regularly inspect the barrages under their control and correct any defects. As a part of that maintenance work is going on at Annaram Barrage, but the opposition parties are spreading false news on social media that something bad is happening here too.

At Annaram (Saraswati) Barrage, which is a part of Kaleshwaram project, the authorities carry out maintenance works every year. Once a year, the experts of the construction companies thoroughly inspect the barrage after the flood subsides at the gates. This is a regular task. The Saraswati Barrage was constructed by Apcon Construction with a capacity of 10.87 TMC, 1.2 km long with 66 pillars and 64 gates. Apcon Construction is responsible for managing the project for five years.

Officials said that there is no damage to the Lakshmi barrage; Saraswati barrage and Kannepalli pump houses in the Kaleshwaram project. Officials explained that before constructing the project, the flood situation of 40 years was studied and designed. However, the rains in 2022 exceeded the forecast and caused floods with a height of 119.2 meters, except for the water entering the pump house, there was no damage to the project. The Megha Company has repaired the pump house and is running it again.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao