Only fools rush in, to repeat the same mistake

By: Vijayshree Kurumilla

Somebody asked me, once, ‘Do you think Hyderabad was built by your forefathers?’ another one asked in Telugu, ‘Hyderabad mee ayya jagiri anukuntunnava?’

My simple reply to both of them was, ‘Yes, Hyderabad was built by my forefathers’ and ‘Avunu, Hyderabad ma ayyala Jagiree’. I can more precisely say, ‘Hyderabad belongs to the land of our forefathers, Telangana’. ‘Hyderabad, mana ayyalanu ganna jaga -Telangana, jagiri.’

I think post September 7th, we need to be on a high alert and spread the message, to every corner of Telangana including Hyderabad, that, we will not tolerate any kind of tampering, with the status of Hyderabad. It should be the capital of Telangana, with complete and exclusive rights, over it.

Seemandhra leaders have not learnt any lessons from their Madras experience and are bent upon, claiming rights over Hyderabad in the same way, as they did with Madras. They know they can develop their own capital within no time, but their greed is eating, into their minds and it is not allowing them, to tolerate, the mere thought, of Hyderabad, being the exclusive capital, of Telangana.

Envy, greed and hatred are such emotions which will only, consume the person, who is seething with them and Seemandhra leaders are unable, to hide these, emotions. Be it Chandra Babu or a Sharmila or a Kiran, all of them are a prey, to these emotions. The tragic part is that, this is not the first time that they are going through it, but it is second time in their history, that they are repeating the same mistake, of gluttony.

Lusting for what is not ours, brings only destruction, upon the person, indulging in it. All our epics teach the same, then, how come these leaders do not seem, to have any understanding, of this basic tenet, of any religion? They don’t care about causing bad blood between regions, by insisting, on their ownership rights, to Hyderabad. In fact, they want bad blood to flow, and that seems to be the intention, made amply evident to us, on September 7th.

And, they want to give legitimacy, to their rights under, the cover of the brotherhood, of Telugu language. This is a strange brotherhood, which insists on beating the brother who raises his voice, into a pulp, until he bleeds, and then threaten the brother, that he had better live with him or he can only expect, more such beatings, in future.

We do not believe in such brotherhood or the mask of brotherhood under which this region has suffered immensely, since its merger. Your brotherhood was buried long ago, when all those conditions for merger were submerged, by you and now on 7th of September, with your own hands, you built a grave, for it.

Standing on the stage you denigrated our culture yet again, but your own culture, stood exposed on that day, to all of us. The remains of that day were splattered, with our blood but the remembrance of the day keeps, gnawing at our heart, like a bruise that was made by a beast, which had come into our territory, to mark it, as its own.

In a way you had done some good for us, by exposing yourself. We are ready to defend our territory now, from any kind of marauders and remember this, ‘You will never get Hyderabad, so just forget about it.’

‘Yes, Hyderabad is only ours! It was built with the sweat and blood of our forefathers. It is nourished and fed by the land of our forefathers. Its roots penetrate deep into Telangana and no one can uproot it, from there nor can they claim any kind of rights, over it.’

Those who, aver, that they are very intelligent, and that the rest of us are dumb, should learn from History, that you are not allowed, to make the same mistake, twice. The first time, teaches you a lesson not to repeat, but if you are fool enough, to repeat the same mistake, then, you alone, have to bear the burden of the repercussions and you alone, have to carry the blame for being fool enough, to rush in, where anyone with an iota of good sense would fear, to tread.

Jai Telangana!


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