Munugode’s future is bright with Asia’s biggest green industrial corridor in Dandu Malkapur

With the state government deciding to set up a huge industrial area at Dandu Malakpur, the nearest place Munugode will see a great opportunity as it will be the first place to benefit. The industrial estate is coming up on 542 acres and is expected to create employment for 35,000 people. Plans were afoot to extend it to 1863 acres. Of it, 231 acres will house food processing units, 106 acres toy-making units, and 74 acres will have plug-and-play sheds.

According to IT minister Mr KTR, all those being imported from China could be manufactured here in the industrial area itself. It is expected that it will attract an investment of Rs 1,985 crore from over 200 companies. Already 50 companies started their operations employing nearly 3,000 people.

In an extent of 194 acres, there would township for the officials and workers of the industrial area and a spacious skill development centre. People in surrounding villages are very happy about the development and say that they would have full work and need not worry about their livelihood anymore.

The State government is also planning to develop Balanagar and Jeedimetla in the next phase.

Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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