Minister KTR visits villages and consoles distressed farmers

Municipal Administration Minister Mr KTR undertook an extensive tour of Rajanna Sircilla district on Tuesday and inspected agricultural fields.KTR visited Gopalpalli, Guntapalli cheruvu thanda, Peddur village and inspected the damaged paddy crop.

Interacting with the farmers, he assured them not to panic as the government has already decided to help them out of the situation. He said it was decided to give Rs 25,000 per hectare and Rs. 10,000 per acre towards compensation for crop damage. He asked them not to get carried away by the people who were out to instigate them. This government is committed to the welfare of the farmers and would go out to any extent for their welfare, he said.

KTR takes a dig at PM Modi: Mr KTR took a dig at Prime Minister Modi and his freebies to the Karnataka people. If the BJP offers free cooking gas cylinders to Karnataka people, why not to the people of other states? He sought to know. He criticised Modi for his double standards and the BJP’s cheap tricks to win the elections in Karnataka.

“Modi who ridiculed the welfare schemes branding them as freebies, is now shamelessly announcing freebies in Karnataka,” KTR said. Mr KTR pooh-poohed the BJP for politicising even the milk. The same BJP which is now offering milk has imposed GST on many essential items burdening the past,he added.

Unlike the BJP, this BRS government in Telangana state has endeared itself as the darling of the masses. It is at the forefront of procuring paddy even in these distressing times due to untimely rains, Mr KTR pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao