Minister dares Congress

Minister for Finance and Civil Supplies Etala Rajender dared the Congress leaders for an open debate on the payment of compensation to the farmers affected in the rains and hailstorms in Karimnagar district.

“I am ready for debate anywhere and at any place. Whether the Congress leaders have guts to debate with the government on the payment of compensation to the farmers,” he pointed out.

Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Mr Rajender said that the Congress government had failed to provide compensation to the farmers affected in the rains and cyclone during the 2009 to 2014 period.

Reminding that the TRS government had released Rs. 480 crore to the farmers affected during the Congress regime in the district, he also said that he had met the Union Minister and represented about the plight of farmers affected in the recent rains.

He also said that he had instructed the officials to purchase the wet, decoloured and damaged paddy, maize and any farmers produce by opening the procurement centres.

Ridiculing the allegations that he was acted as an ambassador of poultry industry, he said that the government had taken up the campaign to educate the people that there was no fear of bird flu by eating chicken and eggs in order to protect the poultry farmers.

Stating that the Telangana was the egg basket and produces highest number of chicken in the country, he asked whether the opposition Congress leaders don’t see the plight of poultry farmers and others relying on the industry and affected due to the bird flu.

Source: The Hindu

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