Master Chef India Contest: Focus on Telangana Cuisine


We need good cooks/chefs from all over, those who are not professionally trained, but could be eking out their livelihood by cooking and selling food. They could be anyone – a roadside vendor, a dhaaba waala, a dabba waala, a restaurant cook, CEO of a company, an actor, a singer, a housewife…anyone.

The aim this season is to popularize suburban and rural dishes. Our menu is promoting the Telangana delicacies, among all others. Last year one participant from Hyderabad made it to the finals. This year too, Hyderabad with its composite and varied cuisine stands a chance to send more to the finals.

So what are you waiting for

Ladies and gentlemen. Pick up your knives, saucepans & ladles…


MASTERCHEF India, plan to take Season 3 to the next level by raising the bar in terms of talent and bringing only the most passionate cooks together on one platform who practice one religion – Cooking!

This season, the focus would be on

The participants need to meet the following criteria:

1. Exceptional Cooking Talent – which means the food cooked has to have exceptional taste, showcase innovation in whatever they cook and a touch of creativity in presentation of dishes.

2. Indian Cuisines Knowledge – it’s a mandate to have good knowledge of Indian cuisines and be a master of any one or more Indian cuisines.

3. Please note: The participant cannot be a trained cook/chef from any Hotel Management Institute or else they will be disqualified.


So what are you waiting for email: or call Vinay @ +91 9848052541 to interact personally.

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