Liquor mafia in Medaram: Did Excise department fix liquor sales target?

Colluding with the local liquor syndicate, the Excise Department has allegedly fixed sales targets for alcohol in the Medaram Jathara. The purported nexus has led to a situation where traders exploit the demand by violating regulations and charging exorbitant prices. 

Some devotees, after offering prayers to the goddess, have a tradition of consuming alcohol at the Medaram Jathara. Exploiting this tradition, the local liquor shops are selling alcohol at exorbitant prices, allegedly with the backing of the excise department. 

Furthermore, there is a disturbing trend of adulterated liquor being served to devotees, causing severe health issues. Officially, Tadwai Mandal, where the Medaram Jathara takes place, has only four licensed liquor shops, but the proliferation of hundreds of belt shops in the vicinity of the Medaram Jathara has led to increased exploitation. 

While the liquor shops are charging an additional Rs. 25 per beer and per quarter bottle, belt shops are demanding an extra Rs. 100 per beer and per quarter bottle. Additionally, the liquor syndicate is only selling the brands which yield them more profits, limiting the choice for customers.

Reportedly, owners of liquor and belt shops have formed a syndicate with the tacit approval of authorities. Devotees attempting to find fair prices are met with disappointment, as prices remain unreasonably high across different belt shops. The devotees are expressing their anguish at the inflated prices and the apathy of the Congress government in controlling the prices.