Lets send a shiver down their spine: Prof. Kodandaram

Giving a rallying call to the people of Telangana, TJAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram said “The government should be shocked by the intensity of Telangana March on Sept 30th”

He was speaking at the Nalgonda district TJAC meeting held to plan for the Telangana March.

Kodandaram said that preparatory meetings are now being held in all 10 districts of Telangana. He said JAC needs to be strengthened from village level. He urged the JAC members to involve farmers and women in future agitations.

He criticized state minister Jana Reddy for ignoring the popular demand of people and instead lobbying for Chief Minister post.

TRS Politbureau member Cheruku Sudhakar, TJAC district president G. Venkateshwarlu, TRS district president Banda Narender Reddy, Telangana Engineers JAC Chairman Venkateshwarlu, NEw Democracy leader Koteshwar Rao, TGO member G. Mohan Rao, Venu Sankoju and Dharmarjun Reddy also participated in the meeting.

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