Lagadapati’s Poor Copy-Paste “Pamphlet”

The Telangana issue rocked Lok Sabha on Wednesday. It led to adjournment of house at least 3 times.

The joker of the day was as usual Lagadapati Rajgopal who tried to create some tamasha by distributing a ‘pamphlet’. Honorable MPs and others were shocked when they realized that it was in fact a poorly copy-pasted version of a Wikipedia article!

When the house convened in the morning, 2 TRS MPs KCR and Vijayashanti raised “Jai Telangana” slogans in the house. They were quickly joined by 11 Congress MPs from the region.

Leader of the opposition in house Smt. Sushma Swaraj delivered a passionate speech supporting the Telangana statehood struggle. She said “everything has come to a standstill in the Telangana region. If anything is going on, it is firing of rubber bullets. This can be resolved, peace can return if the Prime Minister who is sitting here says that the government will bring in a Bill to create a separate State of Telangana, the BJP will support it and do its best to get it passed”

And by afternoon, the Seemandhra MPs led by joker Lagadapati Rajgopal distributed a “Pamphlet”, which contains a list of regions asking for a separate state status.

The stupid idea behind distributing this list was to scare the political parties and MPs that if they say yes to Telangana, then all these statehood movements would get a fillip.

The statehood movements on that list make a hilarious read as they are mostly nondescript and some of them have already got statehood status.

What makes us laugh even more  is the shameless way Lagadapati has copied this info from a Wikipedia page.

Here is an extract from Lagadapati’s Pamphlet:

And here is the original article on Wikipedia:

These votaries of United AP can’t write a few sentences in English. And surprisingly, they can’t even do a proper copy-paste job. There are several spelling mistakes in this copy-pasted pamphlet.

The word “inhabited” became “inhibited” and the word “states” became “sates” in this great ‘pamphlet’

This once again proves that Seemandhra MPs are not even good at copy-paste jobs. It should be reminded here that the SKC report, which again was a copy-paste job, also had scores of such howlers.

The highlight of the day was how Seemandhra MPs disowned the ‘pamphlet’ by yesterday evening on live television interviews. Apparently, it appeared mysteriously on every MPs desk in Lok Sabha!

May be they realized that this ‘pamphlet’ was doing more damage than good!

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