Lagadapati made 100 Crores from SA protests

For the common man, Lagadapati Rajgopal is a vociferous supporter of the United AP protests. But, what many people in AP don’t know is how Lagadapati Rajgopal is minting crores of rupees from the United AP protests in Seemandhra.

Lanco Power, a power generating company owned by Lagadapati Rajgopal earned crores of rupees by selling power to other states, while Seemandhra was plunged into darkness due to Electricity employees strike.

On one hand, leaders like Lagadapati provoked the Seemandhra electricity employees to stop power generation, and on the other hand nicely increased production from their own power plants.

According to estimates, Lanco produced about 150 MW power each day and taking the per unit cost as Rs 5, Lanco would have made over Rs 100 crore, during Seemandhra protests.

During the strike, the state government had to purchase almost 80 MU from the Central Generating Stations to manage the huge demand-supply gap.

While state electricity generating stations were losing precious revenue due to the Seemandhra strikes, Lagadapati Rajgopal’s power company, which received several incentives from state government, was busy making crores.

It is once again proved that many Samaikyandhra leaders are more interested in personal gain, than the unity of the state.

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