KTR spends Diwali with children from Helping Hands Humanity

Diwali celebrations brightened the twinkle in the eye and sparkle in the smile of children from Helping Hands Humanity, an NGO based in Hyderabad.

Interacting with each one of them, KTR made every kid feel she/he is important. The chirpy voices responded to the minister spelling out which grade are they studying in and in which school.

When KTR said: “Oh, you all speak very good English,” the sense of pride was unmissable in everyone’s eye.

A group of children were brought from the NGO to meet Minister KT Rama Rao on Wednesday at the behest of the minister.

Minister, in his tête-à-tête with the children, asked if they like sweets and distributed sweet packets to every one greeting them a “Happy Deepavali” and the kids shook hands and thanked him. Much to their delight, he also gave them some crackers.

The meet was a follow-up of the Minister’s response to a tweet from one Ms. Pranita Jonnalagedda requesting help to children from Helping Hands Humanity.

Minister KTR, in his tweet, offered to support Helping Hands Humanity by contributing Rs 10 lakhs in his personal capacity.

The representatives from the NGO also met the Minister. In fact, KTR elicited information about the work they were doing and their monthly expenses. The Minister immediately offered to contribute Rs 12 Lakh, instead of the promised Rs 10 lakh and handed a cheque for the amount.

The Minister also assured all possible cooperation to Helping Hands Humanity organization.

Satish, the main organiser of the NGO, is a professional movie director. Yamini is a donor and a few IT employees are also supporting the initiative.

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