Kotla’s men blackmail Sarpanches in Rayalaseema to get “Unanimous Resolutions”

Union Minister of State for Railways Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy created flutter in New Delhi yesterday by submitting “unanimous resolutions” from over 1000 Gram Panchayats in Kurnool & Anathapur districts, expressing their willingness to form Rayala-Telangana.

The real facts behind these “unanimous resolutions” sent by Gram Panchayats in Kurnool & Anathapur districts are shocking.

A senior bureaucrat, loyal to union minister Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy, has used the services of several MPDOs to forcibly get these “unanimous resolutions” in favor of Rayala Telangana.

What’s interesting is that all these “resolutions” were actually signed by Sarpanchs without any Gram Sabha. Apparently the MPDOs blackmailed the Sarpanchs and coaxed them to sign on photocopies of the “resolution” prepared by the senior bureaucrat. The Sarpanchs were threatened that if they do not sign on these papers, then they would not get funds for their Gram Panchayats.

It is sad that some Seemandhra leaders are resorting to such fraudulent methods to achieve their narrow goals.

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