Kodandaram slams Centre for delaying Telangana decision

Telangana Political Joint Action Committee chairman Prof M Kodandaram criticised the Centre for its silence over the issue despite hundreds of youth ending their lives for the sake of statehood.

Addressing the Samarabheri programme organised by Telangana Rashtra Samithi at Suryapet here on Sunday, Kodandaram asked the people to intensify the agitation, he said only separate State could ensure water, jobs and other facilities for the people in the region.

Kodandaram said that never in the history of independent India that a movement seeking statehood for a region was taken up as compared to Telangana agitation. However, he said that the Centre, especially the Congress party has been cheating the people of the region. He also slammed Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu for not clarifying his stand on the Telangana issue. He said Naidu has been saying that he never opposed Telangana, but he never stated that he supports Telangana.

The JAC chairman also ridiculed YSR Congress party leader Sharmila swearing in the name of Telangana. He told Sharmila that Telangana land does not belong to her and therefore, her swear holds no ground.

Kodandaram said that Telangana movement was not against the people of Seemandhra people. However, he said some Seemandhra leaders have been exploiting the Telangana region for the last several decades. He asked the people not to get carried away with the promises being made by other political leaders.
Informing that December 9 would be observed as “Telangana Betrayal Day”, he appealed to the people participate in all the agitation programmes to be organised in near future. [INN]

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