Kiran Reddy’s indecision worries followers

A few Seemandhra leaders of the Congress, who are now in chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s camp, are said to be worrying about their captain’s dillydallying attitude on floating a new political party.

As Kiran is not divulging his future plans on floating a new political party, some of his lieutenants have started worrying that all their options to join other parties might get exhausted by the time he takes a decision one way or the other.

Some ministers from Seemandhra have recently met their boss to know his mind on the possibility of launching a new party. But, according to one of them, Kiran told them that he was not at all thinking about launching a new party at this juncture as he was concentrating all of his efforts on defeating the Telangana bill in the state Assembly as well as in Parliament.

He claimed that Kiran was of the view that if he dropped hints at this juncture that he would be floating a party, that might dent his image as the champion of Samaikyandhra. “If I float a political party without defeating the T-bill in the Assembly, Seemandhra people might think that I am opposing division of the state only for the sake of my political future. Let’s mull over it only after defeating the bill in the Assembly,” Kiran was quoted as saying.

The chief minister also told them that the issue of launching a new party would arise only in the event of the T-Bill is through the Parliament.

However, some of the close aides of Kiran Reddy say that the results of the recent survey conducted by the chief minister’s camp on the chances of a new party getting the acceptance of people are not encouraging. After this survey, Kiran is said to have put off his plans to launch a new party.

In fact, whether people of Seemandhra are pinning their hopes on Kiran or not, a few Congress leaders are now considering him as their only ray of hope to launch a new party to retain their positions in the 2014 polls. But, his indecisiveness is keeping them on tenterhooks.

“There is not much time for us to decide our future political course. If few more days pass, we may lose chances of securing a place in other parties to contest the 2014 polls,” a minister said.

The minister also pointed out that even if a new political party was floated by after December, there would not be much time to take it to people in the run-up to 2014 polls.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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