Kiran Kumar’s shameless lies on Telangana

Image: An extract from Kiran Reddy’s report to GoM, full of lies on Telangana & Hyderabad

If there is an award for Modern Day Goebbels, Seemandhra CM Kiran Kumar Reddy would win it without much competition.

Kiran’s report to GoM on Telangana is a testimony to how low this guy can stoop to score some political brownie points.

Kiran repeats the same Maoist, Terrorist bogey that has been raised by innumerable number of anti-Telangana leaders since last decade.

In fact, not long ago, the outgoing DGP Dinesh Reddy, has thoroughly exposed how Kiran Kumar pressurized him to give false reports about Maoist resurgence once Telangan is formed.

But, Kiran Reddy proved yet again that he would keep lying endlessly to gain some political mileage in Seemandhra region.

In his report to GoM, Kiran Reddy repeats the same lies about Maoist and Terrorist resurgence ad nauseum.

Telangana leadership has poohpoohed his lies and demanded that he resign immediately if he does not like formation of Telangana state.


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