Khammam Police participate in Mission Kakatiya program

Mission Kakatiya took a new high on Monday in Khammam district. The cops, who are busy with catching criminals and filing FIRs, were impressed with the Mission Kakatiya and involved themselves in a tank renovation. They selected a tank at Ammapalem under Konigerla mandal, 12 km from here. The tank, which was dug up 150 years back in 65 acres, has been catering to the needs of farmers and locals for farming and drinking water needs.

District superintendent of police Shanwaj Khasim heard about the Ammapalem tank and decided to take part in the tank renovation. Mr Khasim himself dug the soil and loaded it in the tractor. The SP said that the programme Mission Kakatiya is excellent one and it will change the life of rural people.

“Storage water in the tanks for the purpose of irrigation and drinking water is the concept practised thousands years ago. Groundwater will increase in the surrounding villages of a tank,” he said, adding that he felt that participating in the renovation of the Ammapalem tank is everyone’s responsibility. He said that the farmers in Telangana have been raising crops more under tanks and borewells.

K. Venkateswara Rao, a villager of Ammapalem said that the tank was built during Nizam rule to irrigate lands and drinking water. “Police has given a spirit to the locals with their participation and we too involve in the renovation of it and protect our tank,” he said. Wyra DSO Ramireddy, circle inspector Sathish and others took part in the programme.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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